Mirador El Nativo Dormido – Vaquería – Chanchamayo

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The Mirador the sleeping Indigenous (El Nativo Dormido) or Profile of the sleeping native is about 10 minutes from the city of La Merced, approximately 7.5 Km, along the provincial road PE-22B in the district of Vaquería. From here, you can see the mountain ridge in front of it shaped like the profile of a sleeping reclining person, hence the suggestive name of “Indigenous or sleeping native”. There’s a legend about this mountain and another located in Tingo Maria…
Seasonality: All year round
  • Name Mirador El Nativo Dormido
  • Activity/Attraction Lookout
  • Address Nativo Dormido Sector: Vaquería – District: Chanchamayo – Province: Chanchamayo – Region: Junín – Peru
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