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Multimedia project conceived and produced by Angelo Giammarresi, multimedia director and producer with thirty years experience in the audiovisual sector.

Mappeattive.com is the result of the evolution of a project of interactive maps created four years ago to the return from a long trip to Lapland (Sápmi) and materialized in the first site www.laplandinteractive.com .

Already using slip maps associated with dynamic markers, it gave an excellent result in terms of daily visits and advertisers.

Mappeattive.com unlike the previous sites of interactive maps, it is based on the maps of Openstreetmap.org and the JavaScript library Leaft. This combination allows you to create custom dynamic maps on multiple levels and enrich them with multimedia pointers that include not only photos but also videos and books and catalogs animated.

The Mappeattive.com project, in just under three years, has been enriched with numerous maps and, since the beginning of 2018, has made use of the collaboration of Julio César Delgado Vega, expert professional and profound connoisseur of tourism promotion in Peru to develop new interactive and multimedia tourism projects.
Born as a branch of the World On Communications of Angelo Giammarresi, Mappeattive.com will soon become an independent enterprise dedicated to the planning of tourist itineraries and multimedia packages for the development of little-known areas of Peru and the world in general. The conception and realization of complete touristic and cultural packages will be the basis of our activity mainly aimed at institutional users.
In fact, some puzzles with photos of locations in Peru are already available for free download


The spirit of the project is to give an overall picture of the activities and services of a particular location, while facilitating greater visibility and with the preferred medium by ad.

In developing the project, it will also appeal to local authorities such as municipalities to offer them the opportunity to put in their website a link to the dynamic map of the territory that we develop in collaboration with very low cost and often free. We aim to associations and local tourist to create thematic maps of the area.



Angelo Giammarresi

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