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Interactive Map of province of OXAPAMPA – The above map include public services, attractions and activities of province of OXAPAMPA. Some markers have demo-video and a custom videoclip as well as can show photo miniatures and flipbooks. Please, contact us by email to add your activity in the map, info@mappeattive.com

Legend (O) Oxapampa – (P) Pozuzo – (VR) Villa Rica


Oxapampa Main Square (O)
Tiger River waterfall (O)
Cave Virgen del Camino (O)
Los Colonos Museum (O)
Tunkicueva (O)
Church of Santa Rosa (O)
Pozuzo Main Square (P)
Bridge “Emperor William I” (P)
Schafferer Museum (P)
Historical Church of San Jose (P)
Egg Vogt Museum (P)
Pozuzo Viewpoint (P)
Prusia Park (P)
Prusia Viewpoint (P)
Confluence of rivers (P)
Provincial municipality (P)
Laguna El Oconal (VR)
The Belvedere (VR)
Yanesha community (VR)
El Leon Falls (VR)
Villa Rica District Municipality (VR)
Tourist Information (VR)
Los Ositos-Botanic Garden (VR)




Botica Bio-Salud (P)
Brewery Dörcher (P)
El Ganadero SOMY (VR)
Moali – Coffee Lab (VR)
Pasiones del Café (O) (VR)
La Tostaduria de Kelly (VR)
Finca Santa Rosa (VR)


Mototaxi 21 (P)
Mototaxi 22 (P)
Taxi & Tour Service (O) (P)

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