Restaurant Maldonado - Pozuzo

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Restaurant Maldonado – Pozuzo Opened in 2009, this restaurant offers traditional Austro-German specialties with a touch of originality resulting from the experience of the chef and owner Erick Maldonado. At lunchtime, various inexpensive menus are available and in the evening the restaurant offers mostly à la carte specialties. The quiet, safe and serene town of Pozuzo invites you to enjoy the pleasant climate serotine and be pampered by the culinary delicacies that are mostly meat and vegetables. The products used in the Maldonado Restaurant come from their own farms and the area as well as vegetables and fruit are grown in family fields and of organic origin. Thanks to the courses prepared for the photo shoot I was able to check the quality of the ingredients and taste a little bit of each delicacy. Open from Tuesday to Sunday, the Maldonado restaurant can host up to 60 people and among the long list of dishes we recommend:
• Neapolitan Milanesa
• Beef, pork, mixed and special grills
• Loin with sauce
• Steak
• Eastern style fried meat
• Garlic chicken
• Special beef steak
• chicken cracklings
• Burgers
• Smoked pork
• Smoked chicken
• Pozucina sausage
The average cost of a lunch varies between 10 and 18 Soles (about 3/6 Euros)
When you visit Pozuzo treat yourself to a stay of at least 3 days and devote yourself to take a tour of the various restaurants that we point out in these pages of and certainly you will not regret. Enjoy your meal!
  • Name Maldonado
  • Activity Restaurant
  • Owner Erick Maldonado Saldani
  • Address Calle Policia Nacional 141 – La Colonia – Pozuzo – Peru
  • Mobile/Rpc +51-980566848 – 989800290
  • Mobile n/a
  • Whatsapp +51-980566848
  • Skype n/a
  • E-mail n/a
  • Website n/a
  • facebook Restaurant Maldonado
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