El Rincon de los Recuerdos

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El Rincon de los Recuerdos – El Rincon de los Recuerdos is a pleasant family-run restaurant / trattoria. It is located in an attractive location just a short walk from Fortaleza Real Felipe, Miguel Grau Square, Palomino Island Pier, Naval Museum and all other major attractions in the Punta del Callao.
The specialty I personally enjoyed is the Ceviche, a typical dish based on Fish sail of the Pacific marinated in lemon, onion julienne, aji (Peruvian hot pepper) and other typical ingredients, really tasteful and digestible. The restaurant prepares specialties based on fish, seafood and dishes of traditional Creole cuisine (Spanish Criolla). If you speak spanish then as the same name says, this is a place to share memories and anecdotes with the owner, the cute Mario Rios once a tourist guide and a profound connoisseur of Peruvian history. I remember that we went for a quick lunch and we were two hours chatting.
  • Name El Rincon de los Recuerdos
  • Activity Restaurant
  • Address Jr. Independencia 219
    Distrito de Callao, Lima – Peru
  • Tel. n/a
  • Mobile/Rpm (+51) 953641018
  • Mobile/Rpc (0051) n/a
  • Whatsapp (+51) 953641018
  • Skype n/a
  • E-mail n/a
  • Facebook Mario Rios
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