The Marvilla Lagoon - Lima

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The Marvilla Lagoon is part of the Pantanos de Villa which are the only protected natural area of the Lima Metropolitan City and are located in the Chorillos district at the gates of the city.
When booking your visit you can choose from the various circuits, the one of Laguna Marvilla which has an extension of 4 hectares, the excursion takes about 90 minutes, of course walking about 1.3 km around the lagoon.
The name Marvilla appears to be wrongly written and people try to correct it in “Maravilla” thinking about the noun meaning marvel in fact, instead it is correct. The lagoon is called Marvilla and a more careful examination is the contraction of the Mar de Villa phrase, in fact the lagoon is right next to the sea coast of the resort of Villa.
All year round you can observe several species of sea birds that increase in the spring, between November and January.
The visit is strictly permitted only with a specialized guide and after booking at the Prohvilla.
The beauty of the lagoon Marvilla is that you do not stand behind a reed bed to watch birds and along the shore you can observe various specimens that swinging do not easily escape from the lens such as the Oystercatchers (Haematopus ostralegus) you see in the photo gallery. Also, you can see Andean and wading birds like egrets and flamingos.
  • Name The Marvilla Lagoon at Los Pantanos de Villa
  • Attraction Protected Nature Reserve
  • Address Alameda Garzas Reales – Chorrillos (Lima, Peru)
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  • Mobile/Cel. (+51) 987666656 / 987666627
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