Chanchamayo – Fundo San Isidro – Perené

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Chanchamayo – Fundo San Isidro – Perené is a private ecological fund offering activities for the whole family. The San Isidro Fund is about an hour’s drive from La Merced. After about 45 km, proceeding along the provincial road to Pichanaki, past the populated centers of Santa Ana, Pampa Michi, Marankiari, Puerto Yurinaki you reach the town of Pucharini and from here continue for another 18 km of unpaved road but well maintained, passable with cars of any kind.
The San Isidro fund, which covers an area of 18 hectares, was established in 2005 and in addition to a restaurant and a guesthouse, it includes numerous natural attractions.
The most famous of the attractions is the waterfall of the 5 Dwarfs which in turn is part of three levels of waterfalls that the hiker can easily discover following an exciting and convenient forest route suitable for people of all ages. As you can see from the photos and video the waterfalls end their jump in pools of water made in solid rock where you can get wet without any danger. The depth of the different natural pools is well marked and varies between 50 cm and 2 meters of the Enchantment up to 5 meters deep of El Perol, where you can dive safely, always when there is an authorized guide.
Along this fascinating route of the San Isidro fund there are resting areas with umbrellas and seats to relax under the shade of tall trees while enjoying the fantastic scenery of the flowing waterfalls. Once you reach the third level of waterfalls, you can take advantage of one of these rest areas to hang your hammock and rest in the cool of the trees.
Proceeding with the path you reach the pine forest with trees reforested for 13 years, already very high, under which you can also raise your tent and camp with friends.
The last part of the itinerary goes through one of the organic coffee cultivations where the guide usually teaches us how the coffee production process takes place.
The circular route ends with the return to the building of the bottom where we can refresh ourselves with a lavish lunch based on typical dishes of the Peruvian cuisine.

OPENING HOURS: all days from 6 AM to 6 PM.

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  • Name Fundo San Isidro
  • Activity Recreational Centre
  • General Manager Saul Farfán
  • Address Information Centre: Jr. Santo Tomás N°260 La Merced – Perené, Chanchamayo – Peru
  • Tel. n/a
  • Mobile +51 966010581 – 992159707 – 964209965
  • Whatsapp +51 – 964209965
  • Skype n/a
  • E-mail
  • Sito web n/a
  • facebook Fundo San Isidro
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