The Bayoz Waterfall - Perené

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The Bayoz Waterfall is made up of two waterfalls totaling approximately 50 m and is located in the high jungle region of the Junín department, about 55 km from the Provincial Capital Chanchamayo-La Merced
The fastest means of access is by the paved Fernando Belaúnde road to the C.P.M. from Yurinaki, where the bridge over the Perené River is crossed and continue along a section that is affirmed up to the waterfall; approximately one hour of travel from the Provincial Capital.
Near the parking lot that is a few minutes walk from the waterfall there are several kiosks selling food, drink and local products; We recommend that you check your food and water supply before starting the trip and especially not to litter along the way and protect the environment.
The Bayoz Waterfall is in the middle of a beautiful landscape with lush vegetation composed mainly of trees (walnut, yungul, palm trees) and shrubs (lianas, bromeliads, several species of epiphytes). The waterfall is surrounded by high rock walls where rappel falls can be practiced and in each waterfall you have formed a natural pool that is not very deep (2m on average) where you can cool off and swim. The emerald waters have a temperature of 24 ° C.
Warning: Access to the falls is made through precarious stone stairs so it is recommended to take care of children and seniors, it is also suggested to take the services of guides.
Admission Cost: Adults S /. 1.50 Children S /. 1.00
Seasonality: All year
  • Name Catarata de Bayoz
  • Activity/Attraction Waterfall
  • Address Bayoz – Sector: C.P.M. Yurinaki – District: Perené – Province: Chanchamayo – Region: Junín – Peru
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