Wonders of Perené - Puzzle

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Wonders of Perené – Puzzle is the first of a series of puzzles dedicated to the natural and cultural wonders of Peru.
This puzzle on the wonders of Perené is offered for free and only works on computers with Windows system. Click on the favorite button to download the .zip file. Open the file and double-click on the .exe file. No installation or internet connection required.
Our zip/exe files do not contain malware/adware and other malicious files are tested and guaranteed free viruses.
Soon other puzzles will be available for free online or purchased in our online store.
  • Title Wonders of Perené
  • Collection Puzzles of Peru
  • Author Angelo Giammarresi
  • Language Spanish
  • Pages n/a
  • Format EXE
  • Availability on download
  • E-mail info@mappeattive.com
  • Web www.mappeattive.com
  • Price Free
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