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Coffee Green Gold – Chanchamayo it is a welcoming place to learn the history and the process of coffee, but it is also a meeting place where you can enjoy a delicious coffee in all its derivations accompanied by rich sandwiches and cakes; a place to relax, lulled by background music selected.
HISTORY – To appreciate even better the Café Green Gold it is necessary to learn a little about its history and LISERGA EIRL, which starts its activities in 1999, initially under the heading “Restaurant”; but a little pastime: “TO ROAST COFFEE” became the main activity. The big fuel to run the car had from the “Tourism”, which was the great push to develop efficiently what was just a simple hobby.
This is how the registered brands were born: “COFFEE GREEN GOLD” (Developed on the basis of the cultivations of origin in the Valley of Chanchamayo) and “MARAKI” (Develops a special mixture (blend) based on the cultivations of the valleys of Villa Rica and Chanchamayo).
Much courage, perseverance and constant updating have meant that the company whose business of collecting, processing and marketing coffee and derivatives went from being a simple farm, to being a great family passionate about the good work for the best service. Where the final product “ROASTED COFFEE”, is the result of years of experience, a mystical work, art, creativity and professionalism; thus creating a link between coffee growers, us and the final consumer.
MSSION – Since we started this difficult journey, we face great challenges, and today we continue to set ourselves new goals. We are launching coffee and cocoa plantations that will be processed with the best and greatest care by the specialists to guarantee the most sublime of the cups, so that every coffee enthusiast will see reflected in our products new experiences.
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Sale of coffee and derivatives
We are waiting for you with the whole family in our “Casa del Café ” – COFFEE GREEN GOLD – Chanchamayo!!!
The experience of MappeAttive – The above is summarized for us in two simple words “Tranquility and Quality” so we suggest you offer a couple of hours of coffee pampering at the Coffee Green Gold where we tasted almost all specialties. When you go tell them that you are a user of MapeAttive and you will receive a nice surprise.
  • Name Coffee Green Gold
  • Activity Coffee Production, Roasting, Coffee Shop, Bar
  • Owner Liliana Serpa Chumbe
  • Address Av. Fray Jerónimo Jimenez s/n. San Carlos – La Merced – Chanchamayo – Junin – Perù
  • Tel. +51-064 531493
  • Mobile +51 – 989 432 778
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