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LA JUNGLA – Country Restaurant is located about 15 minutes drive from La Merced, exactly at KM 10.5 just after the Reither Bridge on the Chanchamayo River, along the main road to Pichanaqui, near the major tourist attractions of the district of Perenè as El Reino del Machetero, the Ashaninka communities of Pampa Michi and Marankiari, the waterfalls of Bayoz, Velo de Novia, Bocca di Tigre, etc. – Every day it is possible to taste exquisite dishes cooked with fresh products, mostly of organic origin and often also at KM zero, that is from local cultivations.
The restaurant offers two types of menu at very reasonable prices: Typical and à la carte, both with fish and meat specialties.
The typical menu includes:
Chicharròn di Doncella (fried river fish, breaded and fried), Barbòn, Chupadora (two other types of river fish) and fried trout, sautéed beef loin, beef steak, gilt chicken, chicken chicharròn and chaufa rice.
The a la carte Menu offers:
Dishes based on Doncella or Zungaro (Pseudoplatystoma fasciatum), the South American catfish prepared as soup, cebiche, chicharròn, breaded, grilled, stewed, fried and lemon.
Dishes based on river fish such as Barbon, Chupadora, Paco, Arapaima (Arapaima gigas), Doncella and Zùngaro.
Dishes based on Arapaima fish prepared in stew, breaded, fried, cebiche (raw and macerated in lemon and spices).
Smoked meat dishes: Tacacho with Cecina (balls of bananas previously grilled accompanied by Cecìna which is smoked pork with herbs and aromatic spices typical of the Selva, according to a long preparation method), Cecina with fried bananas, Cecina with rice , Mixed of Cecina with tacacho, bananas and fried yuca, wild Chaufa, Cecina’s Chaufa, Juane (special dish with rice and meat prepared in a banana leaf bundle).
The country restaurant LA JUNGLA can accommodate over 120 people in a traditional setting consisting of a large hut with a palm roof woven into the typical style of the meetinghouses of the native communities of the central forest. Open all year round, it has ample parking for cars and tourist buses. When you come to visit us remember to say that you are a user of and you will receive a pleasant surprise. We are waiting for you!
  • Nombre LA JUNGLA
  • Activity Country Restaurant
  • Owner Johnn Alberto Leonardo Marin
  • Address Carrettera Marginal Km. 12 – Puente Raither – La Merced / Chanchamayo – Peru
  • Tel. n/a
  • Mobile/Rpm n/a
  • Mobile +51-931914598 / 964456794
  • Whatsapp +51-931914598
  • Skype n/a
  • E-mail
  • Website n/a
  • facebook n/a
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