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Chanchamayo – Ecomundo Ashaninka is an eco-sustainable travel agency founded in August 2008 with the aim of strengthening the alliance between the people of the Peruvian Amazon in promoting a real ecotourism respectful of ancestral places and traditions.
A brief description of who the Ashanninka and their culture are in this interesting introduction proposed by Frank Dither in his blogspot I report below.

My country called Peru. We have always been known for its linguistic and cultural diversity and multilingual state with important ancestral knowledge, cultural and traditions.

The native communities Ashaninka inhabit some very close and others far from the city centre called Lima city. We belong to The Ashaninka Arawak linguistic family. We are one the most largest in population in the Amazon, with our respective Indigenous Organizations with a population of 97, 477 inhabitants throughout the peruvian territory, has always fought to defend the territory, culture and conserve nature.

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Kametsa Paritya Nonampeki!!!

Bienvenidos a nuestra Comunidad Ashaninka!!!

Welcome to Ashaninka Communities!!!

Benvenuti nelle nostre Comunità Ashaninka!!!

Seja bem-vindo á nossa povo Ashaninka!!!

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