Old Friar's Kitchen

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In the basement of the Abbey of St. Peter, they are placed warehouses, the pantry, the cellar, the ice and the kitchen; the latter, in particular, is well preserved and well worth a visit.
The kitchen is next to the well water was also built with a particular structure double throw. In the kitchen stands a monumental fireplace and some masonry stove. The kitchen of the Friars dated to the second half of the sixteenth century and was built by the Benedictine Olivetan monks. In the photos are visible both the details of the kitchen, that the well

  • Name Old Friar’s Kitchen
  • Attraction Historical place
  • Address Comune Breme – Via Abazia S.Pietro 17 – 27020 BREME (PV)
  • Tel. 0384 77001 int. 1 – 328 7816360
  • Web www.comunebreme.it
  • facebook bremecomune
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