San Ramón - Interactive Guide

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San Ramón – Interactive Guide is the first multimedia guide of the Shades of Peru series dedicated to the wonderful area of The Central Jungle of Peru. San Ramón is an idyllic little town founded just over a hundred years ago in such a fertile and lush area on the confluence of the Tarma and Tulumayo rivers, to be nicknamed the Golden Gate of the Selva Centrale.
Features and format: The book is in Spanish and consists of 12 richly illustrated pages, it also contains photo galleries, audio and video clips. The HTML5-based electronic format allows a fluid and animated viewing of the guide on all electronic devices, from smartphones to PCs, regardless of their operating system. The guide is browsable online for free or purchased as zip files in our online store.
  • Title San Ramón – Interactive Guide
  • Collection Shades of Peru
  • Author Angelo Giammarresi
  • Language Spanish
  • Pages 12 pp/A5 with color illustrations, photo galleries, audio and video clips
  • Format HTML5
  • Availability Readable free online
  • E-mail
  • Web
  • Price Euros 3,00 – To download in HTML5 as zip file on our online shop.
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