The Amano Museum of Pre-Columbian Textiles - Lima

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The Amano Museum of Pre-Columbian Textiles – Lima was founded in 1964 by the Japanese anthropologist Yoshitaro Amano. A visit to the Amano Museum it’s a journey in the past to explore Peru’s textile making tradition that began some 7,000 years ago. The Textile Museum Amano offers a textile collection of Chavín, Chancay, Paracas, Chimu, Wari and other ancient civilizations with more than 400 fabrics on display, together with various informative resources such as graphics and video, of the history of pre-Columbian fabrics. The museo-graphic tour shows the history of the fabrics from the first pieces to the present, also shows the raw material and technique used to manufacture various fabrics and ornaments. We are waiting for you to share our story with you !!!


  • Name The Amano Museum
  • Attraction The Amano Museum of Pre-Columbian Textiles
  • Address Calle Retiro 160, Miraflores – Lima – Peru
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