The wonderful valley of Olimje

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  • Activity Valley of Olimje
  • Address Olimje, Slovenia
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Looking at this magnificent valley from above is very a catch of eye. In summertime all around the landscape is shimmering with a green shades while is the white snow coat to create a deep lovely and misterious atmosphere in winterdays. I wandered around Olimje for about two days before start filming because I was caught of his enchanting atmosphere. Just you glance at to understand why. I visited some restaurants and vinoteques or winebars to also enjoy the fresh food and good wine. No, I don’t suggest you a specific place to go because Slovenia as well as Italy is land of wine and good food tradition. If you like can read other posts about Ormoz and wine routes, Svetinje and enjoy this excerpt but I also suggest you to get the full videoguide Olimje - English
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