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Walk to Via castle is reached before a green door with pointed arch surrounded by thick vines that is access to the castle, which is still privately owned and dates back to the second half of the fourteenth century. Belonged to the family Strada “, noble originating in Pavia, the castle, was built before the construction of the church of Santa Maria di Castello, that in another tab we saw was certainly built before 1451 and it was the chapel of the castle. The uniqueness of this castle is its form horseshoe, one of the three castles of this form existing in Lomellina. During my brief visit, the owner not showed me the inside therefore I can not say whether there are remains of medieval times however, the current structure dates back to the early nineteenth century and features in a miniature form of the castle of Vigevano.
  • Attraction Medieval Building
  • Address Via Castello – 27020 Valle Lomellina (PV)
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