Baptistery - Breme

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Located on the right side of the church, it is a jewel of Romanesque Christian.
The external structure is polygonal, with brick masonry mixed with river rock, surfacing here and there from the plaster crumbled. The time is split by a lantern, from a later period.
On the east side there is a small apse, now one with the church, which was to be perhaps the narthex entrance to the baptistery.
The interior, now adapted to the chapel of St. Barnabas, was the subject of major restoration work carried out by the parish priest Fr John Baptist Amiotti in the years 1896-98 (and apparently suggested by the then Bishop. Merizzi).
The floor was raised to cover the baptismal font (immersion, as in all the early Christian baptistery) and was smashed a wall, so as to put him in communication with the church; to the whole, then, it was awarded intonation neoclassical.
(text courtesy of Municipality of Breme)

  • Name Baptistery – Breme
  • Attraction Historical monument
  • Address Piazza della Chiesa – 27020 BREME (PV)
  • Tel. n/a
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