Monument to Aviators of Robbio

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Monument to Aviators of Robbio
An auxiliary tank of a F 104 Starfighter donated from Cameri has been transformed into a wonderful work by its creator, designer and implementer Osvaldo Magnani, who is also chairman of the nucleus Robbiese, Air Force Association. The monument wanted to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the association Robbiese and remember all the aviators citizens was inaugurated on 20 December 2009. It should be noted that the positioning of the tank from the bottom up is a warning to all to point and always look towards up.
  • Name Monument to Aviators
  • Attraction Modern Monument
  • Address Via dell’Artigianato, 4 – 27038 Robbio (PV)
  • Tel. (+39)
  • Fax (+39)
  • Website
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